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The Exclamation Point Rasbora reaches a max size of just under 1 inch. They are the smallest fish of their genus found in the hobby. They originate from slow moving to stagnant water. Therefore, they do not need intense filtration or water movement.

The scientific name for the Exclamation Point Rasbora is Boraras urophthalmoides.

We feed our Exclamation Point Rasboras a mix of baby brine and Northfin Fry food. We also supplement their diet with a mix of Northfin Veggie and Community.

Our Tank Parameters

Ph: 7.2 to 7.5
Gh: 8 to 16
Kh: 4 to 7
TDS: 180 to 250
Temp: 70 to 74
Tank Recommendations

Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
Wood: Malaysian or Mopani
Cones: Alder Cones
Other: A buffered substrate as they prefer soft acidic water