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Ephebopus cyanognathus


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Aka Blue Fang Skeleton.

This is a fascinating species that is a lot of fun to raise. As spiderlings, they tend to stay out in the open more and seem almost arboreal as they web up their vial and tend to stay at the top, eagerly awaiting their next meal! With every molt you will see changes and bright colors. The coloration on these tarantulas is quite remarkable and at times seems unnatural. The abdomen of juveniles resembles a Christmas tree ornament as it is a metallic bright green and its fang area is bright metallic blue. Terrestrial Burrower. New World
Size: 4.5-5”
Growth Rate: Medium
Natural Habitat: French Guiana
Housing Needs: Terrestrial burrower setup. Higher humidity is needed. Ventilation is important for this species.
Temperament: This tarantula can be a bit defensive and fast moving.